A restricted licence only allows you to carry your own goods on your own account within Great Britain and the EU.

You do not have to satisfy the requirement of professional competence (Transport Manager not required) to get a restricted licence. However, you should obey the same rules as for a standard licence.


The rates of financial standing are considerably less.

2021 Rates stayed the same as 2020 (subject to change yearly)

First Vechicle - £3100


Each Additional

Vehicle - £1700

The term “own account” is essentially described in European legislation as where:

  • the goods carried are the property of the company or have been sold, bought, let out on hire or hired, produced, extracted, processed or repaired by it.

  • the purpose of the journey is to carry the goods to or from the company or to move them for their own requirements.

  • vehicles are driven by personnel employed by, or put at the disposal of, the company under a contractual obligation.

  • vehicles carrying the goods are owned by the company, have been bought by it on deferred terms or have been hired in line with European legislation.

  • the carriage is no more than ancillary to the overall activities of the company.

Companies who provide services such as scaffolding or skip hire generally use this type of licence. It was created to allow vehicle users to transport goods they own, products they have produced or equipment they intend to hire. It is important to remember that carrying goods that are not your own products for the purposes of delivery is strictly prohibited.

Even though Restricted Operators are not legally required to employ the services of a Transport Manager. Restricted Operators are however required to comply with exactly the same legislation as a Standard Licence holder. With this in mind, LM Transport Consultant offers a flexible solution to help keep you compliant. Click Here to find out how we can help you.