Tachograph analysis

Our integrated services provide a powerful management and reporting tool and include:  • Tachograph Analysis

• Asset Maintenance

• Daily Driver Defect Reporting App

• Electronic Driver Debrief - eSIGN

• Document Management

• Remote Downloading

• Time & Attendance

• Licence Check

• Cameras & Tracking

• Proof of Delivery


A unique touchscreen digital signature system to debrief drivers, saving time, effort and money. This solution allows the user to take complete control of driver infringement reports using a paperless, easily auditable approach.



Efficient - all documentation is securely stored within clockwatcher elite. Proactive - categorises documents and clearly highlights further actions required. Administration - reduce the reams of paper records and save money on printing and storage costs.


Earned recognition

This is a voluntary scheme designed to work for operators of all sizes to prove that an organisation meets driver and vehicle standards. The process involves regular sharing of performance information electronically and in return, vehicles are less likely to be stopped for inspections.


Vehicle operators wanting to join the Earned Recognition scheme require IT systems and software that can report on some important performance measures. We can provide an encompassing solution for managing and reporting on the driver and vehicle measures required by the DVSA.

Tachograph analysis

ClockWatcher ELITE offers a new generation of software for operators managing all areas of compliance and driver/vehicle management. Designed for operations with fleets of vehicles spread across the country or for owner drivers, this is the operator’s choice for Tachograph analysis.


• Web-based, easy access from any device

• DVSA Earned Recognition approved

• Comprehensive reporting suite for driver and  vehicle data

• In-depth cross-referencing of card and VU data

• Real-time 'shift' information via remote  downloading solutions

• Weekly Rest module for accurate ‘plan-in’   compensation

Using the reliable ClockWatcher rules engine for Drivers Hours' Law and Road Transport Directive, this product remains one of the most cost competitive systems available to operators who want to carry out digital and analogue analysis in one operation.

The system also fully analyses your vehicle records and offers an array of reporting options including a graphical representation of any driving undertaken without a card. From one dashboard log-in, theClockWatcher ELITE software suite enables operators to monitor and manage:


•tachograph data

• driver / vehicle defects

• Asset Maintenance

• licence checks

• remote downloading

• PODs

• driver debriefs

• time & attendance

• cameras & Tracking



Web-based Tachograph Analysis software for driver and vehicle compliance management with a comprehensive reporting suite for Drivers Hours' Law and Road Transport Directive.

Document management

Electronically communicate important documents, memos and training material to your employees via their smartphones, tablets or PCs.


Secure Access to the Document Management dashboard is via a secure PIN code, using any internet enabled device.


Digital Solutions The Aquarius Document Management solution has been developed in response to FORS customers seeking a quick and efficient way for broadcasting and distributing documents such as

• company memos

•policy updates

• training material

Asset maintenance

Provides a full audit trail and complete paperless storage solution for all company assets requiring periodic maintenance or inspection; from company vehicles to workshop equipment, plus integration with the defect App.


Ease of Distribution

Built to keep essential documents at the finger tips of employees, the system can distribute a range of document types, from pdfs to videos and we've made it as easy as possible to up date and distribute those policy documents to ensure employees have access to the most up-to-date version.


The system also allows administrators to tailor document distribution to specific groups of employees via their smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Policy control

Managers have full control over the distribution of documents to specific employee groups via the Document Management portal.


The portal allows for accurate monitoring of:

• document acknowledgement

• time taken for documents to be reviewed by employees

• time taken for the document to be 'looked at’.


Digital Solutions

As leading experts in the field of tachograph compliance our digital solutions have developed over time to solve a range of issues.


Our team of advisors are always happy to help and their depth of knowledge, coupled with our training and auditing solutions, means that we truly are a "one stop shop" for all of your compliance and driver / vehicle management needs.