Are you thinking of starting a business that requires the use of vehicles above 3.5 tonnes?


Or perhaps your business can no longer sustain using smaller vans or trucks to transport materials from A to B and larger vehicles are required?

Many businesses in Northern Ireland apply for an operator licence but often lack the necessary knowledge of the system and subject themselves to lengthy, drawn-out application processes.

A large percentage of applications received by the Central Licensing Office are either inaccurate or incomplete


This has an impact on the time it takes to process applications, meaning many prospective operators can be left frustrated and sometimes out of pocket if errors have been made with the advertising requirement. It also takes time and effort to keep on top of the application to ensure it is progressing in the correct manner.

How we can help

We have been helping businesses to apply for an operator licence for nearly 10 years and have an acute knowledge of how applications are processed at the Central Licensing Office.

We will map out the likeliest outcome for your application at an early stage and will take time to perform thorough due diligence checks to ensure no unforeseen issue prevents you from getting an operator licence.

Whilst you concentrate on running your business, we will complete your application and arrange your newspaper advertisement before submitting your application on your behalf.


We will undertake all communication with your Central Licensing Unit caseworker to resolve any requests for further information and will regularly update you on the progress of your application.

We will advise you on:


  • type of licence required

  • financial standing

  • vehicle selection

  • maintenance arrangements

  • operating centre selection

  • transport management arrangements

  • disclosure submission