We advise businesses based in Northern Ireland involved directly or indirectly in transport on the legal requirements of operating vehicles above 3.5 tonnes.


Operator licence compliance is a crucial component for all companies holding an operator licence, even those who only operate vehicles as an ancillary part of their business

Common Problems – Can You Relate?

We will often work with operators who find themselves in various states of non-compliance for any number of reasons.


However, it is not just careless or burdened operators like the above who can find themselves answering DVA’s questions – some reputable and well-managed businesses can fall into a regulatory pitfall, requiring expert advice to deal with the situation.

DVA estimate that up to 85% of roadside prohibitions would have been avoided, had the driver performed an adequate daily walk round check.


However, many companies have no such system in place and those who do often treat the process as a mere paper exercise. This is a potentially fatal problem in your business.

Three of the top reasons that companies use our services are because they:

  • Are too busy running their main business to focus on optimising their operator licence compliance.

  • Are not fully conversant with the legislation associated with their operator licence.

  • Have been to/going to Public Inquiry or been the subject of a DVA investigation and want to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Failing to manage your operator licence compliance can have serious and costly ramifications on your business, ranging from restriction on the number of vehicles you can operate to complete revocation of your licence.


Whether you are a scaffolder, run a skip hire firm or transport goods for third parties, your operator licence undertakings are the same.


This includes ensuring vehicles are kept in a roadworthy condition, abiding by drivers’ hours and tachograph rules, having robust defect reporting systems in place and regularly communicating with the Transport Regulation Unit (TRU) to inform of any changes to the business or convictions of any staff associated with your licence.

Having dealt with numerous DVA investigations over the years, we have an acute understanding of their assessment criteria and the standard they expect operators to meet. Our audits and support services closely mimic what a DVA investigation involves – but with full independence and confidentiality, we can help you address any shortfalls before incurring any regulatory action.


We will help you employ effective systems to ensure operator licence compliance with all undertakings and regulatory requirements, and will return regularly to monitor how well your systems are being implemented on a daily basis.

Above that however, we want to help you go beyond merely complying with the undertakings of your licence and to reap the benefits of operating at a consistently high level. Going beyond compliance can bring many benefits including reduced costs, new business opportunities and reduced risk to the public.

When vehicles and drivers go out on the road, they are representing YOU and YOUR business – what message do you want to send?

Managed Account Features

Telephone and e-mail support

Online licence management of self-service account

Monthly compliance visits

Tachograph analysis

Regulatory communication with DVA and the Transport Regulation Unit

Advice meetings with drivers

Legal assistance.

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