A standard international licence allows you to carry your own goods, and goods for other people for hire or reward, both in Great Britain and on international journeys.


Operators who are issued with standard international licences will also receive Community Licences.


These are required for all hire or reward operations in, or through EU countries and are documents required to be carried on the vehicle at such times. 

Appointing a Transport Manager

If you are an operator applying for a standard international licence, you will need to have at least one transport manager who satisfies the requirements of good repute and professional competence.

Transport Managers can be hired internally or brought in as external transport managers. Both internal and external transport managers must abide by the same rules and work the relevant number of hours as stated in the guidelines.

TM1G statutory guidelines for the number of hours transport managers should work

Below is the statutory guidance as to what might be expected in terms of hours worked by a transport manager, relative to the maximum number of vehicles authorised for a licence. Remote working is acceptable, however, at least one monthly visit is necessary for a TM to carry out their duties efficiently.

Motor Vehicles

3 to 5 

6 to 10

11 to 14

15 to 29

30 to 50

Above 50

*Additional hours may be required for trailers*

Proposed Hours (Per Week)

2 - 4 

4 - 8

8 - 12

12 - 20

30 - Full Time

*Full Time and additional assistance required*

Financial Standing for Standard International Operator Licence

2021 Rates stayed the same as 2020 (subject to change yearly) 

First Vehicle

- £8000

Each additional vehicle

- £4500

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